JavaScript + Full Stack .NET Boot Camp

The original .NET coding boot camp just keeps getting better.

Microsoft’s core technologies for building Web applications are used around the globe. C# is one of the most popular languages to build applications, on the web or otherwise.

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You learn how to build web applications using Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework and AngularJS. This program super-charges your career after you learn how to program using C#, build database-driven Web applications using ASP.NET MVC and the Entity Framework, and create richly interactive client-side apps using the JavaScript AngularJS library.


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Student Projects

Turn Here

By: Chris Peña & Cade Winter
TECHNOLOGIES: Ionic, AngularJS, JavaScript, C#, WebAPI, HTML, CSS, Google API, Leaflet API & Uber API

Take the I don't know out of your everyday, TurnHere provides a quick and innovative way to find what you want to do.

News 2 Go

By: Keith Waddell & Jeremy Fleming
TECHNOLOGIES: C#, Javascript, AngularJS, ASP .NET MVC, Ionic, HTML5, CSS & LINQ

News2Go is a mobile news application that allows you to rate and comment on articles, as well as share them with your friends. News2Go allows each user to tailor the app to their own preferences.