Full Stack JavaScript Boot Camp

There is no better way to learn Full Stack JS, period.

The ultimate goal is to teach you the skills that you need to become a professional web developer who is proficient in Node.js, AngularJS, Express, MongoDB, and other frameworks that are vital to your journey.

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You learn how to build web applications using AngularJS, Node.js, TypeScript, and many other JavaScript frameworks. This is an intensive, 12-18 week, boot camp during which you learn how to develop professional grade applications using the latest in server and database technologies. You will also create richly interactive client-side apps using the JavaScript AngularJS library.


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Student Projects

GridIron Grub

By: Tanya Balderas, Matthew Howard, & Danielle Frederick
TECHNOLOGIES: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, Javascript

Gridiron Grub allows you to order food right from your seat while you're watching your favorite team play, assuring that you'll never miss a game winning play because you were standing in line to order food.

News 2 Go

By: Keith Waddell & Jeremy Fleming
TECHNOLOGIES: Javascript, AngularJS, Ionic, HTML5, CSS

News2Go is a mobile news application that allows you to rate and comment on articles, as well as share them with your friends. News2Go allows each user to tailor the app to their own preferences.